ProfilGate® st65 go

Product Description

ProfilGate® st65 offers additional space to capture dirt, which makes it the perfect solution for daily usage in industrial areas. ProfilGate® st65 consists of a deeper capturing tray (65 mm) compared to ProfilGate® b45 (45 mm). This reduces the frequency of emptying the tray and the adequate cost, significantly. We do recommend ProfilGate® st65 for all areas with more than 100 movements per day or those which face heavy soiling problems, anyway.

Additional Information

ProfilGate® st65 go
Modular Unit 1x1 segment
Smooth running Yes
Tray size 718 x 980 x 65 mm
Grates per segment 2
Grates weight 2x 30 kg
Total weight permitted 40 T
Anti-slip property R12
Guarantee 5 ani