Easy Comfort

Product Description

Easy Comfort brings professional shoe shine service into every home. Small, light and user friendly the Easy Comfort finds a place in every nook and cranny.

Thus there are no excuses for dirty shoes any longer. Two polishing and a nylon pre-cleaning brush provide a quick and efficient cleaning and polishing of any shoe.

Additional Information

Easy Comfort
Case graphite
Dimensions 49 cm x 32 cm x 31 cm (L x l x h)
Feeding pump 0,2 l with plastic made ball valve
Brushes 2 polishing brushes, 1 pre-cleaning brush, Ø 13 cm x 6 cm
Weight 10 kg (net), 11 kg (brut)
Starter switch key on the case
Power Supply 230 volţi (opţional 110 volţi), 100 waţi, 1.100 rpm
Guarantee 2 years