Elégance Couleur Plus

Product Description

The dimension of the Elégance series changes a bit with the Elégance Couleur plus.

This elegant shoe shine machine with its solid sheet steel case makes a perfect partner for restaurants or administrations. The reasons are manifold: the machine has an attractive height, a smoothly curved design and efficient features.

Either way the Elégance Couleur plus answers your claims as it provides the perfect finish – for your shoes as well as your ambience.

Additional Information

Elégance Couleur Plus
Case layer of solid stell (available in: graphite, silver, blak, claret or in any other RAL option)
Dimensions 50 cm x 30 cm x 86 cm (L x l x h)
Feeding pump 0,75 l with stainless steel ball valve
Brushes 1 pre-cleaning brush and 2 wool polishing brushes, Ø 13 cm x 7 cm
Weight 28 kg (net), 30 kg (brut)
Power Supply 230 volţi (opţional 110 volţi), 130 waţi, 1.200 rpm
Starter sensor with timer
Guarantee 3 years