Elégance Nature

Product Description

Elégance Nature is the compact version of the Elégance Nature plus.

Its elegant and high-class wooden case harmonizes extremely well with ambience of classic style and contributes and completes the interior. The warm wooden exterior of the machine almost conceals the power that hides  underneath. Just like the Elégance Couleur the Elégance Nature is a perfect shoe shine machine which requires very little space and still has a powerful and strong motor. With its stylish form and modest dimension this model becomes an ideal equipment in private households, smaller boarding houses, hotels and offices, which have a wooden ambience.

A new variant is our Elégance Nature model in black with real leather coating on the top.

Additional Information

Elégance Nature
Dimensions 50 x 30 x 36 (L x l x h)
Case natural wood
Weight 16 kg (net), 18 kg (brut)
Starter sensor with timer
Guarantee 3 years