Product Description

With its extravagant and eye-catching form the Ellipse turns into a design highlight in your entry area.

Two different versions of the Ellipse turn the shoe polishing into something extraordinary. The results of both machines, whether it has a polish dispenser or not, will be: quick, precise, satisfying and most of all shining – just like the high-quality brushed stainless steel surface of this design highlight presents itself.

Whether the model Ellipse will be placed next to a wall, in a corner or standing freely in the room, with its classic column design it always cuts a fine figure. Especially spacious corridors, wide entrance halls or stylish lobbies will be appropriate sites for a machine like this

Additional Information

Case polished stainless steel
Dimensions 44 cm x 127 cm (d x h)
Brushes 2 polishing brushes, 1 pre-cleaning brush, Ø 22 cm x 8 cm
Weight 47 kg (net), 50 kg (brut)
Power Supply 230 volţi (opţional 110 volţi), 150 waţi, 700 rpm
Starter sensor with timer
Guarantee 3 years