Politec Polar – outside use

Product Description

Our shoe polishing machine Politec series was designed for entrance and passage areas with a high frequency. Each version will be mounted to the wall but you have the choice between Politec Solar for indoor and Politec Polar for outdoor usage.

Both solutions will make the dirt stay outside. The ergonomic bow handle will grant firm hold to users while cleaning shoes. In particular cleansing work boots is made easy due to the very large and hard brushes.

Honeycombed rubber mats with integrated sole wipers to support the cleaning process come with both versions of the Politec.

Additional Information

Politec Polar – outside use
Dimensions 66 cm x 34 cm x 114 cm (L x l x h)
Brushes 1 nylon brush for pre-cleaning and 1 soft brush for polishing
Dimension of brush area Ø 22 cm x 16 cm (d x l)
Weight 31 kg net, 35 kg brut
Power Supply 230 V, 240 W, 750 rpm.