Product Description

The model Quadro is also inspired by the classic column shape and represents itself as an innovative angular shaped stainless steel case with smoothly rounded corners.

An elegant model for purists with a sense for the aesthetic. Our Quadro TFT with its built-in 17” display and multimedia player addresses the individualist, who wants to combine product placement with shoe-shine service.

The integrated media player can be used for advertising video spots, product photos or audio files.

Both Quadro versions will make your shoes as well as the location shine brightly.

Additional Information

Case polished stainless steel
Dimensions 38 cm x 34 cm x 127 cm (L x l x h)
Brushes 2 polishing brushes, 1 pre-cleaning brush, Ø 22 cm x 8 cm
Weight 47 kg (net), 50 kg (brut)
Power Supply 230 volţi (opţional 110 volţi), 150 waţi, 700 rpm
Starter sensor with timer
Guarantee 3 years