Solamat 100

Product Description

Solamat 100 and 200 have a slightly different design: four wheel brushes clean the soles and two lateral disk brushes clean the edges of the shoes, while the uppers are cleaned by a third brush. Brushed-off dirt falls into a large drawer
here as well. A belt gear ensures powerful brushing while running smoothly at the same time.

Additional Information

Solamat 100
Transmission transmision belt with powerful engine
Dimensions 46x60x110 cm
Weight 60 kg
Brushes 4 cylindrical brushes and 2 disc brushes
Starter sensor with timer
Power Supply 230 Volţi (110 volţi opţional) 180 Waţi, 750 U/min./rpm
Exhaust volume 360m3/h (with filter material 500 g/m2)
Filter classes in accordance with DIN 24185 – EU 4 and EN 779 – G 4
Guarantee 2 years