StepGate I/II/dry

Product Description

The stainless steel StepGate interlock systems are ideal for entrances to sensitive production areas. When entering, the soles are both mechanically and wet cleaned by obliquely arranged patented brush strips. The cleaning process is chemically supported by the addition of disinfection and/ or cleaning agents. The filling level of cleaning liquid in the stainless steel tray determines the type of cleaning. If the filling level is above the top edge of the grate, the soles
are intensively wet cleaned whereas if the filling level is below the edge of the grate, thanks to the capillary action of the brushes, the soles of the shoes are only wetted.

Additional Information

StepGate I/II/dry
Dimensions 792 x 1.943 x 1.180 si 792 x 976 x 1.180
Dimension of brush area 660 x 1920, 660 x 960
Weight 135 kg, 140 kg, 78 kg
Exhaust volume 17 l, 2 x 17l
Guarantee 2 years