Installation in ground

In contrary to the „above-ground“ installation (using ramps), the „in-ground“ installation offers a whole bunch of benefits. It not only provides a system that is leveled with the floor and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it also maximizes the available space for the cleaning of the tires, as you don´t need to waste valuable space for the ramps. In addition, the in-ground system allows plain access by vehicles from all directions without the risk of accidents. Last, but not least this assures that the capturing tray is in exactly the same position, where the dirty accumulates, anyway.
The following shows the installation in detail:

Check shipment for completeness and correct place.

Create flat and plain pit. (see sectional drawing A/B/C)

Smoothen the surface inside the pit

Apply glue and place trays…

…and align them

Place tray by tray, systematically.

Align trays evenly.

Fixate the trays, while glue hardens.

Fill the gap between trays and pit.

Place the ProfilGate grates into the trays.